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The Team

Project Leader: Dr. Anselm Spoerri
Lead Web Developer: Richard Arcega
Lead Content Creator: Jeff Tam
Map View Designer: Jeff McGregor
Content Creator: Lenard Sarabia

Financial Support: Rutgers Undergraduate Admissions generously provided support for two summer students and needed equipment & software. The RU Sure? Campaign provided support for a Gigapan system to capture the "Where is Waldo?" event.


The whereRU project is a collaboration between Dr. Spoerri and students in the ITI undergraduate program at the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers. The project was started together with the undergraduate students of the ITI 321 Information Visualization class in Spring 2009.

In February 2009, teams of students took many pictures of assigned areas of the Rutgers College Avenue campus and combined the images using Photosynth. Several students were able to successfully synthesize more than 1000 images in a single Photosynth. Next the teams used the Gigapan system to create panoramas of buildings and spaces of special interest in their assigned areas. Each student then used screen capture software to record the Photosynth kaleidoscopes and Gigapan panoramas their teams had created to produce a short video.

During Summer 2009, Richard Arcega worked on designing the whereRU website and Jeff Tam on capturing Gigapans of key spaces and buildings on the Camden and Newark campuses.

In Fall 2009, Richard Arcega and Jeff McGregor worked on completing the design of the whereRU website. Jeff Tam and Lenard Sarabia focused on capturing more Gigapans as well as developing virtual tour videos using Google Earth.

ITI 321 InfoVis Spring 2009 Class

Alexander Acosta, Betzalel Anolick, Richard Arcega, Brian Aronson, Bradley Berne, Tiffany Burke, Peter Carfi, Gregory Conklin, Nathanael Denis, Amie Desai, Ralph Fuerte, Erik Grobelny, Brian Hatt, John Hogan, Mohammad Khan, Sarah Khan, Vanessa King, Justin Macbean, Shawntell Manning, Peter Manis, Devika Maram, Diane McDaniel, Jeffrey McGregor, Brian Melara, Rukhi Mirza, Daniel Moran, Daniel Orrico, Dan Orso, Catherine Preston, Elina Prokofyeva, Lenard Sarabia, Alexis Silverio, Michael Souren, Jeffrey Tam, Jasmine Wang, Gerald Wu.